March 22th to 26th

A note from Mr. Myers -

I trust that you all had a good spring break. Sorry that I'm still not back. Please give Ms. Adams all your respect and attention. She is well qualified, and I am working with her to make sure you guys have a good 4th quarter. Her wiki is here

I would like to be there teaching you all, but I am still recovering. I need to get some additional treatments, and I am not sure how this is going to work with my teaching schedule, but I will do my best to be back asap. I met some SPHS art students at the district art competition in Montevallo the Friday before break. It was great to see all of them. If you get a chance, congratulate Alex Ledbetter for winning Photography and continuing to the state competition.


Your next Photoshop assignment is based on the work of one of my favorite artists - Robert Rauschenberg. I hope that you will enjoy the assignment.

Read the assignment review before you start.

Monday - March 22

  • Written Assignment - Go here and follow the instructions to complete the assignment.

  • Begin making brushstrokes to use in your collage.

Tuesday - March 23

  • Continue making brushstrokes and start scanning them in.

  • Start image collection for your collage.

  • Determine a color scheme for your collage.

Wednesday, March 24 / Thursday, March 25
  • Watch the movie- Robert Rauschenberg: Reinventing Art

  • Answer these questions about the movie:

1. When did R Rauschenberg die, from what cause, and how old was he when he died?
2. Where was RR born?
3. What types of objects were included in his "combines"
4. What did RR want his paintings to look like?
5. In what two ways did RR change the face of art?
6. What learning disorder did RR have?
7. What was the Thomas Gainsborough painting that RR was influenced by when he was young?
8. What is meant by the statement that RR works in the gap between art and life?
9. What was the Rasuchenberg overseas cultural initiative?

Friday, March 26

  • Finish making brushstrokes and scanning them.
  • Continue image collection
  • Have a nice weekend.

A note from Mr. Myers

I my am fine, with a nice scar to show you later.


Touch-Down - Mel Kadal


Note from your buddy Mr. Myers-



I will be in surgery today at UAB.

While I am recovering please do your best work, stay positive, do what your sub asks, and make me proud.

I am Mr. Myers

Feb 15th to 19th
MSNBC the week in pictures


File Properties

Note from Mr. Myers -

I am sorry I did not get to see everyone on the day I came up to the school... it is frustrating, to not be there... but it would be difficult for me, to be there and not get my current health issues all in the mix.

So, I am hoping to get a good substitute in there for you soon, so you can continue to learn and have a constructive atmosphere in my class.

About my health, I have not learned any pathology news yet from my biopsy, although I am quite certain I have many a tough hurdle left to cross. I am with some great doctors at UAB whom I am fortunate to have in my corner. Dr. Markert is my new best friend (and good looking too!) Check his qualifications if you wish.


I will try to keep you posted when I know more, and then I will look forward to a nice day when I can teach you more and hug you at graduation, and then get on with my summer break!

I have, in the mean while, been having a bunch of fun with my family, and pimping out my new house. Here is a shot of what my mouse as been doing on the laptop....

So, you see I have still been keeping busy.


Monday -

You are probably still working on your public service poster. Keep up on this image and do something you can be proud of. I saw many good examples that you were working on when I was there Thursday.

Here is an image by Sheppard Fairly, created to help raise money for Haiti relief. I am wanting to purchase it for our school and I want you guys to get involved with the Haiti relief that is

going on SPHS. This is a a great example of a public service poster!


Check out more Sheppard Fairly images here

He is a very left politically but I think you will like his graphic style.

Tuesday - Photography - HOW TO!

Make a panorama photo - here is one of my new home! BOSS I KNOW!


So, it is really easy...

Watch the video -

Wed/Thus -

Blog comment and work on poster

Friday -

Finish Public Service Poster

February 8th to 12th

MSNBC the week in pictures

Wed/Thurs - Blog Comment!!

Note from Mr. Myers-

I had an uneventful biopsy, so you'd better work hard and be ready to show me your work on Thurs or Fri. I hope to be able to come in and check your progress!

I need images for the blog - *not comments, but images. If you have an image to share on the blog please email it to me at Include a small description that I can include with the photo.

Sorry to be away, I would like to be there getting some good work done with you. Unfortunately, as you have probably heard, I have to have my noggin looked at by some very smart guys, so that I will be able to keep spelling. I will be at UAB for a biopsy on Tuesday, so that my doctors can learn more about how to help me. I will be in overnight then probably another day home. If I can, I want to come teach Thursday and Friday but it is definitely "wait and see" time. Please just keep positive thoughts in your minds and do a good job on your current assignment. *You should be making a public service poster.....* bonus points for brain tumor research. I or someone form the school will keep you informed as we know more.

February 1st to 5th

Annie Leibovitz Gallery

Monday - finish watching Life Through a Lens
Movie Notes

  • Discussion about movie
  • New Photoshop assignment
  • assign days for studio assignment

Message from Mr. Myers-
I will be out for a while as my doctors determine how to get me back up to teaching form. I will miss teaching you all while I am away. I have many more activities planed for our year and I hope the we will get to do most of them. Unfortunately, I think that trying to use the D300 and continue on with the assignment (make object special), will be too much for a sub to handle, so we will have to wait until I return.
Until then, I would like you to continue with your good work in Photoshop. I was extremely proud of the work you did on the Knowledge Quest covers, many of them are terrific.

For an new assignment, I want you to create a public service poster for an organization or cause of your choice. You are encouraged to use vector graphics and continue to learn the vector tools in Photoshop.
Your new poster should be 9x12 @300 - Here is some information to help you - Poster
Here are some ideas for posters Public Service.

If you want to get in touch you can mail me at
If I find out more about my health I will try to let you know.

  • Blog comment #5

  • New blog submission an be emailed to me, at I will post them for you.

  • Work on public service or event poster

  • Be nice to your sub!

  • Work day

Jan 25th to 29th
Monday -
  • Last Day to take your splash photos

  • Work on Knowledge quest image or event poster - I will be sending the KQ images to the magazine Wednesday so be sure yours is complete by then to get it judged.

Tuesday -
  • Demonstration on editing your slash photos

  • Edit yours and turn it in for 50pts in Art (5x7 @300) - 1. find your best image and open it in PS 2. Crop it to 5x7 @300 3. edit the value to add contrast with curves 4.Tweak the color saturation with a hue and saturation adjustment. 5. clone stamp out any floaters 6. Sharper detail with a sharpening filter 7. Flatten and label and save to server.

  • Work on Knowledge quest or Event Poster

Wed/Thurs -
  • Discussion and examples for your next studio assignment - Make Object Special Here are some links to some good "still-life photos" student images

  • more student images

  • 4th blog comment (do you have an image to share? put it on the server with an explanation.)

  • Work on KQ or Event Poster

Friday -
  • Movie!

Jan 18th to 22nd

MSNBC the week in pictures

Monday - MLK Day - No Class

Tuesday -

  • Knowledge Quest Cover

  • Slash studio shots

Wed/Thurs -

  • Blog Comment #3

  • Visit with the partner (whoever helped you with the idea sheet) about how your image is working together

  • Slash studio shots

Friday -

  • finish Knowledge Quest?

  • Finish Slash studio shots?

Jan 11th to 15th
MSNBC the week in pictures

  • Demonstration on the pen tool - view it here
  • Work on Knowledge Quest assignment
  • Begin Drip Photos in the studio

  • Work on Knowledge Quest assignment
  • Drip photos in the studio

  • Second blog comment
  • Work on Knowledge Quest assignment
  • Drip photos in the studio

  • Work on Knowledge Quest assignment
  • Explanation for next studio assignment

Semester II
Jan 4th to 8th

[[image:file/view/fire2.png width="770" height="492" caption="MSNBC The year (2009) in photos" link=""]]

Monday - No classes
Tuesday - Welcome back!

Goals for second semester -

  1. Continue to work with and become more familiar and productive with the Photoshop program.

  2. Learn to use graphic design and vector graphic tools such as the pen tool.

  3. Learn to use to Nikon D300 and the photography studio to learn a range of special effects and photograph a variety of subjects

  4. Continue to learn to apply art fundamentals to create designs and photographs that exhibit good compositions

  5. Learn about how different artists use photography to expresses their ideas

  6. Learn about career opportunities that derive from photography and Adobe applications

  7. Continue to give and receive artistic feedback on the your work and the work of your peers

  8. Have Fun!

First assignment - design the cover for the an international periodical called Knowledge Quest - more info to come!
Idea Sheet - Complete with as much detail as possible 15pts

Wednesday/Thursday -
  1. Blog Comment #1
  2. Review of Photoshop tools including vector graphic tools
  3. Discussion about next photography assignment - drip
  4. [[image:file/view/3750559910_8212533d12.jpg]]


Work on cover of Knowledge Quest

December 14th and 15th

[[image:file/view/hare.png width="722" height="515" caption="MSNBC The Week in Pictures" link=""]]

Monday - Review for test and finish practicals

Tuesday - 1st Semester Final Exam

*Homework over Christmas break!! -
  • Your first assignment when you return will be to design the cover for the an international periodical called Knowledge Quest
  • The issue you will be designing is about film. - how today's learners consider film and video in their education. Think Youtube...
  • Your design should reflect the importance of moving images
  • I will have specific sizes for you when you get back from break
  • research some design ideas and do some preliminary brain storming about your idea so you will be ready to get started the day you get back
  • here are the past covers from the last two years
[[image:file/view/kq.png width="364" height="419"]][[image:file/view/kq2.png width="392" height="503"]]

Have a great Christmas break!

December 7th to 11th
[[image:file/view/smoke.png width="781" height="552" caption="MSNBC the week in photos" link=""]]
Monday -
  • Review for Final exam - go over answers on Quia pre-test

  • Art show is tomorrow!!

  • Work on event poster

Tuesday -
  • Review for Final exam - take pretests on Quia - first quarter second quarter

  • Go over camera portion of practical

  • Work on event poster

  • See you at tonight's art show

Wed/Thurs -
  • Last blog comment of the term

  • Practical portion of the exam

  • Review for written portion

  • Work on event poster

Friday -
  • Turn in all work for second quarter -

  • Review for next week's final

  • Finish event poster


November 30th to December 4th
[[image:file/view/skylights.png width="469" height="673" caption="MSNBS the Week in Pictures" link=""]]

Monday -


We need to have all of our work ready for our judges and for the art show which is next week!

  • Demonstration on creating contact sheet of your photos from the studio

  • Demonstration of editing your portrait photos

  • Edit your best image and turn it in for a grade - see rubric

Tuesday -
  • Label your work in the art hallway with your name and your grade level

  • Turn in your portrait and contact sheet

  • work on your event poster

Wed/Thurs -
  • Blog Comment

  • Judges come to jury art show

  • Turn in your portrait and contact sheet

  • Work on your event poster

Friday -
  • Substitute today

  • Final Exam - pretest for second quarter material - DO THIS TODAY! (Use any resources you need to find the answers)

  • Work on your event poster

November 16th to 20th
[[image:file/view/flood.png width="742" height="516" caption="MSNBC The Week in Pictures" link=""]]


  • Turn in your idea sheet for your event poster. Here is a rubric for this assignment

  • Last week in the studio

  • Practice the pen tool

  • Here is a video tutorial that may help it is all in files for you on the server

  • Work on poster


  • Turn in your idea sheet for your event poster. Here is a rubric for this assignment

  • Last week in the studio

  • Practice the pen tool

  • Work on poster


  • Blog comment #7

  • Last week in studio

  • Work on poster


  • Last day in studio

  • Work on poster

  • Have a great break!!


November 9th to 13th

Monday -

  • Work on finishing your pinhole collage - Here is a rubric for your grade on this project. When finished turn it in

  • Photographers in studio

  • Demonstration - text tool, pen tool

  • New Project - Event Poster -

  1. Your poster will be 9x12 @ 300

  2. You will be designing a poster for an upcoming event in your community. This could be a concert in Birmingham or a smaller local function

  3. You will need to fill out an idea sheet for this assignment. This sheet will include information about the event that will be used on the poster, thumbnail sketches of the idea for the poster (minimum of 3) and any other information to help me understand your idea.

  4. Use any internet images or your own photos.

  5. Use any Photoshop techniques that you want

  6. Examples: Gig Posters, Posters for Princeton Theological Seminary What is graphic design posters >

[[image:file/view/halloween-poster-m.jpg width="276" height="385"]][[image:file/view/463678656_07e3aa6106.jpg width="299" height="385"]]


  • Work on finishing your pinhole collage

  • Photographers in studio

  • New Project - Event Poster


  • Blog comment #6

  • Work on finishing your pinhole collage

  • Photographers in studio

  • New Project - Event Poster


  • Work on finishing your pinhole collage

  • Photographers in studio

  • New Project - Event Poster

November 2nd to 6th
[[image:file/view/surge.png width="804" height="553" caption="MSNBC the Week in Pictures" link=""]]

  • Work on your Pinhole Collage
  • Students in the studio

  • Work on your Pinhole Collage
  • Students in the studio

  • Blog comment #5
  • In progress critique on pinhole collages
  • Work on your Pinhole Collage
  • Students in the studio

  • Work on your Pinhole Collage
  • Students in the studio
October 26th to 30th
[[image:file/view/leaf.png caption="MSNBC the Week in Pictures" link=""]]

  • Finish your object tessellation!!
  • Photographers in the studio - check the date and be ready on your day!
  • New Abstract Collage - you will be using the pinhole photos in the Scans folder on the server as source images for this collage.
  1. Do no use any source images except those in the scans folder on the server
  2. Create your collage 16x20 @ 225, it will have a 2" white border all the way around it.
  3. It is an abstract collage -Abstract art is art that does not depict recognizable scenes or objects, but instead is made up of forms and colors that exist for their own expressive sake.
  4. You should not attempt to mask objects and use them in a new context, you should be using blending modes and gradients on masks to blend one image into another without obvious transitions.
  5. Open the Bridge application on your desktop to look through the scans folder as thumbnail images.
  6. I will do a demonstration on for this collage in the next couple days when I am feeling better.
  7. Here is a gallery of images from a couple years ago.
[[image:file/view/_Craig.jpg width="584" height="728" align="center" caption="Example from M Craig from last year"]]

Tuesday -
  • Finish your object tessellation!!
  • Photographers in the studio - check the date and be ready on your day!
  • New Abstract Collage (see above)
Wednesday/Thursday -
  • 4th blog comment
  • Finish your object tessellation!!
  • Photographers in the studio - check the date and be ready on your day!
  • New Abstract Collage (see above)
  • Finish your object tessellation!!
  • Photographers in the studio - check the date and be ready on your day!
  • New Abstract Collage (see above)

October 19th to 23rd

[[image:file/view/brickrd.png width="800" height="547" caption="MSNBC - The Week in Pictures" link=""]]

Monday -

  • discussion & demonstration on Photography in the studio

  • get the D300 Manual off of the server and open it up. If you are at home down load it (15mb pdf) here

  • Do this activity on a text document and save it to the server in the D300 manual folder (33 points)

  • Assign days for the studio

  • Watch Video for the object tessellation here! *The file is on the server (XFiles Folder) it will load faster!

Some of the controls you need to learn:

[[image:file/view/knowcamera.png width="379" height="511"]][[image:file/view/back.png width="398" height="441"]]


  • Photographers in the studio

  • Object Tessellation

  • Late Work

  • Blog Comment #3

  • Photographers in the studio

  • object tessellation

  • late work



October 12th to 16th

[[image:file/view/eye.png caption="MSNBC The Week in Pictures" link="@"]]
  • No Classes


  • First group will start in the studio everyone else keep reading and get busy on one of the following-

  • First priority - get generic tessellation done and turned in.

  • Second priority - Edit and turn in color and black/white pinhole

Steps to editing pinhole photos (steps 1-8 for black white and 1-10 for color)

  1. break scan into three separate file by choosing File/Automate/Crop and straighten photos. If this does not work do it manually by cropping/save-as/undo.

  2. Rotate image by choosing Image/Rotate Canvas

  3. Flip image by choosing Image/Rotate Canvas/Flip Horizontal

  4. Invert values - Apple (command + I)

  5. Make black/white by choosing Image/adjust/black white

  6. Adjust values by choosing Image/adjust/shadow highlight

  7. crop image to 5 x 7 @300 using the crop tool

  8. clean up image with clone stamp or healing brush

  9. to add color - add a new layer and change blending mode. Use a brush to paint color on new layer or...

add color by adding a gradient map adjustment layer.

  1. flatten image (should only have a background) and save to the proper folder. Label with your last name.

Two finished 5x7@300 pinhole photos flattened, labeled and in the proper folder = 150 points in ART category

  • Third Priority - Object tessellation - Rubric

  • 2nd Blog comment for 2nd nine weeks -

  1. Start a new comment sheet, copy your comment from last week and add this week. Save this over the file on the server.

  2. Use the following style

  • # 1. 9/12/09 (date you leave the post) (add MAKE UP if it is a make up)

  • Blog: PHS (name of blog)

  • Post: Sunset (name of image you comment on)

  • Paste your comment - full credit given to well thought out and well written comments that speak about the technical aspects, the composition or the content of the image. Comments should be a minimum of two good sentences but you should strive to write more.

  • Second group in the photography studio

  • Work on any of our current assignments (see above)

  • First group goes again

  • assign other groups

  • work on current assignments

  • headphones Friday

October 5th to 9th


  • Last week to make up grades for 1st quarter

  • If you have not taken the test, you will take this today

  • Hand out pinhole photographs

  • Scan pinhole photos - follow steps;

  1. Clean scanner bed

  2. Arrange your photos on the center of the scanner with 1/4" between them

  3. Click on Preview in the scanner dialog box

  4. Draw a marque around your photos

  5. Click Scan in the scanner dialog box

  6. Rename the file (your last name)

  7. Move finished file from Scanner folder on the desktop to the server

  8. Collect your photos

  9. Go to your computer and move file from server to your hard drive

  • Watch demonstration on creating a tessellation here


  • Finish scanning pinhole photos

  • Demonstration on how to edit your pinhole photographs

  • You will be turning in two images, both 5" x 7" @300 ppi, one will be a black and white photograph and one a colored digital art image. Each is worth 100 points

  • Work on your tessellations


*I will be out today, and you will have Mrs Watson as a sub.
  1. Leave a blog comment

  2. Read this information about studio lighting for a portrait

  3. The lights you will be using in the studio are Alien Bees [[image:file/view/ltd-ed-b800sm.jpg]]

  4. Scan in your pinhole photos (the ones I have left are on the self above the printer)

  5. Work on your generic tessellation - This is worth 50 points (second quarter) make sure it has great craftsmanship (no breaks and your images line up). Flatten it and put it in a folder on the server (call the folder Generic Tessellation)

  6. If you finish this early then start looking for images to build your object tessellation with. Your object tessellation must have a minimum of three objects that relate and have reflective symmetry. Here is one I made with Logos from The Black Crowes. [[image:file/view/crowes.jpg]]


  • Demonstration on object tessellation

  • work on tessellation(s)

  • work on pinhole photos

[[image:file/view/goats.png width="797" height="545" caption="MSNBC Week in Photos" link=""]]

September 28th to October 2nd

Monday -

  • Review for your first quarter test - test review site

  • Where is all your work? I may be calling you up to my desk for your explanations

  • AO this week so please make up your absent days.

Tuesday -

  • First Quarter Test Click HERE good luck!!

  • Sign in correctly - First Name (put your last name), Last Name (put your class period; B,C,E,F,G

Wednesday/Thursday -

* 7th period (so sorry, I have a doctor appointment and will not be able to take you for your 3rd photo today.... we will do this Friday) You should.... do the writing activity at the start of class, do your blog comment and then get one of the text books (Focus on Photography) off the cart near the door. Read Chapter 5 on Portraits. Pages 103 to 129. When you finish you may do the Analyze question on page 129 as EXTRA CREDIT (some of you need this!!) or you may work on things you are missing and need to finish.

Thanks to your sub Mrs Watson, you will get to go to Veterans Park!!!!
  1. Be on your best behavior!
  2. Keep the camera still!!
  3. Choose a good subject
  4. Keep the subject still!!
  5. Come back an process your photos

  • Day of writing - write for five minutes about the prompt that will be given on the projector

  • Do your blog comment #5 and last of the semester

  • Go to Veteran's Park and take your last pinhole photograph - open subject, you may want to try a double exposure.

  • Return and process images

  • Demonstration (time permitting) for your next Photoshop image - Tessellations - gallery 1, gallery 2

[[image:file/view/example2.jpg width="678" height="462" align="center"]]


Friday -

  • Demonstration - scanning

  • Scan in your pinhole photographs

  • finish demonstration for Tessellation image


[[image:file/view/baloon.png width="745" height="552" caption="MSNBC The Week In Photos" link=""]]

September 21st to 25th *TEST will be given next week on Tuesday!!

*Note about this week - this week the Alabama Graduation Exam will be given. I am an alternate administrator, so I may not be around to teach you on any of the days this week. Please work on your Photoshop Tennis image (see last Friday's entry) if I am not around to run the class or go to the test review page and study.

Monday - (If I am not in class please work on your Photoshop tennis image from last Friday or study for your upcoming test)

  • I will be covering some Photoshop tools and techniques today - Brushes pallet, gradient tool, using gradients on masks, blending modes

  • we will also look at the pinhole photos we took Friday to determine what worked and what did not.

Tuesday - (If I am not in class please work on your Photoshop tennis image from last Friday or study for your upcoming test)

  • We will be taking a closer look at how to use the rules of composition to improve your photography

  • Composition is achieving a balance of art elements and principles to create an image that reveals your subject in an aesthetically pleasing way that has impact. There are many "rules" that can help guide your decisions when you are setting up your photographs

Take a look at these websites-

Rule of Thirds

Working with Lines

Fill the Frame

Framing your shot

Cropping and viewpoint



  • Go on the internet and find photographic examples for: (They do not have to be big images.)Paste your examples into a text edit file along with a definition of the rule as you understand it.

  • DO NOT GOOGLE THE WORDS TO FIND YOUR EXAMPLES! or use the images from the linked sites
    1. Leading lines

    2. Fill the frame (one good example one bad)

    3. Unique viewpoint

    4. Symmetrical balance

    5. Asymmetrical balance

    6. Framing

    7. Rule of thirds (one good example one bad)

Wednesday- (If I am not in class please work on your Photoshop tennis image from last Friday or study for your upcoming test)

  • Blog comment #4 (25 pts)

  • Discuss rules of composition

  • study for final

  • work on photoshop tennis

  • finish 3d collage


  • Last day for photoshop tennis round 1

  • study etc.


  • We will take our second pinhole photographs

  • This time you should have a person as your subject

  • Make sure you do not move the camera and also have your subject hold very still

  • We will return and process your images

  • Talk about and demonstration on your next Photoshop project - tessellation

September 14th to 18th
Monday -
  • Many of you are not yet done with your collages so I am granting one more class day to try to get these finished and turned in.
  • If you are finished, Congratulations! I hope it turned out to your liking!
  • Starting tomorrow we will be studying some photography. Here is a list of terms that you are responsible for learning.

Tuesday -
  • Watch a short podcast (the art of photography #18) about photographic composition and the work of photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson

[[image:file/view/Cartier-Bresson-Hyeres.jpg caption="Henri Cartier Bresson"]]

  • Look over tips on composition
  • lecture about pinhole photography.
  • I have created a pinhole photography page here.

Wed/Thurs -
  • Leave a blog comment
  • do this online activity
  • Then go on a light walk
  • take a couple of test photos with our pinhole cameras

Friday -
  • Go outside and take photos with our pinhole cameras.
  • In the event of bad weather, we will play our first round of 50 minute Photoshop tennis. I will supply you with a few source images with which you will have 50 minutes to collage any way you wish. Before our next volley we will pick the best image from the class. This image will go to a different class for a second round of edits. You will also get an image from a different class along with a new source image to edit. We will do this from time to time until we arrive at a stopping point. Look for the source file in a folder caller PSTennis.

[[image:file/view/fire.png caption="Photos of the Week" link=""]]

September 8th to 11th

Monday - Holiday
Tuesday - Substitute today
  1. Sorry to have to miss class today :( . This is a good chance for you to show me you can operate without me.
  2. Please follow these directions:
  • go to this web site
  • Sign in like this - First name - (put your last name) Last name - put your class period B,C,E, F or G
  • Take the test, use your notes from this class, the internet or whatever you need. However DO YOUR OWN WORK - NO TALKING
  • When you are finished, work on your collage

*thanks to ksoutherland, pacfan101, kschweer, eburleson and Christopher for signing up with Flickr. I have sent you a group invitation.
If you brought a photograph to share, please bring it back Wed or Thursday.
Optional Outside Photography Assignment #1 - over labor day weekend - Reflective self portrait - Photograph yourself in a reflective surface.
Join and then find me algetaway there. Add me to your contacts and I will invite you to join the class group
Here is one of my reflective self portrait.
[[image:file/view/reflection.jpg width="578" height="388" caption="I call this one creeper"]]
Here is another that I like
[[image:file/view/reflect1.jpg width="480" height="650" caption="I call this one Doughnut, Hot, Now"]]

  1. Blog comment #2
  2. Demonstration on making selections (advanced)
  3. Work on collages

  1. Finish collages?


[[image:file/view/toms.png width="829" height="573" caption="MSNBC Week in Photos" link="http://%20http//"]]

August 31st to September 4th

Monday - Review rubric for collage here
  • I will give a brief demonstration on the layers pallet
  • I will also show you some adjustments that may come in handy to make your collage look unified
  • Keep gathering images, then have me check you idea and images before you get started

Tuesday - Lets see who is doing what they are supposed to be doing.
  1. before I finish taking role, open your collage
  2. click command + option + I
  3. Leave this dialog box open on your screen
  4. I will come around and look after I take role. If you have not done this you get -5 from participation for the day.

I have created a slightly different assignment for those of you that are having a hard time getting started or do not have a good idea.
Down load it .

Wed/Thursday -
  • Read this tutorial on leaving feedback for photography.
  • Today we will start our weekly written assignment. At the start of class on block days (extended class day) you will be looking at photography on the SPHS photoblog or on one of the networked high school photoblogs that are linked to Spain Park's
  • If you do not have a blogger account you will need to click the anonymous comment. You will however need to end your comment with your initials and SPHS.
  • Before you submit the comment you will need to copy and paste it into a text edit document that you will save to the server. You will amend this same document each week.
  • Blog comments are worth 25 points in your Written/Tests category. They will be graded for grammar as well as how insightful you were.
  • After you are finished you can work on your collage.

Friday - Head Phone Friday!
  • You get to work on your collage today, some of you are almost finished and I have seen some great ideas coming together. Others of you are still trying to find an image big enough to use as a background. You should really try to nail that down today.

Punch list for collage- If you think your done check this list first

  1. Click Command + Option + Zero to look at your image at full Pixels.
  2. Use the hand tool to move around and check all you masks and objects for more editing.
  3. Add image adjustments to make the image unified.
  4. Think about the idea, can you still improve it? If so, get busy.
  5. Once you are satisfied save the layered image to your computer.
  6. Use the drop down menu Layer and click Flatten Image toward the bottom.
  7. Save the file to the server with your last name as the file name.
  8. Use any free time to make another better collage. This time try to do the alternate idea (see link above)

If you still have lots to do, quit reading and start working!

Optional Outside Photography Assignment #1 - over labor day weekend - Reflective self portrait - Photograph yourself in a reflective surface.
Join and then find me algetaway there. Add me to your contacts and I will invite you to join the class group

[[image:file/view/Skate.png width="809" height="548" caption="MSNBC The Week In Pictures" link=""]]

Review of last weeks work - download, print and review. Use and remember for a better experience this year! ===

August 24th to 28th

Monday -
Hopefully you are starting to get the hang of this class and are already reading this while I take role.

  • You should work all period masking off the different items needed to create the melon head.
  • I will be helping individuals who are not understanding how to create the melon head using layer masks.
  • Your finished creation will be turned in for a grade. To get full credit your image should -
  1. Exhibit excellent craftsmanship in creating the layer mask
  2. Exhibit creativity in your use of editing size, color and position of the items used to create the head
  3. You should crop and then save your image (with layers) to your computer and then the server
  4. Label it with your last name

When you are finished you may start your image collecting for your 3D collage assignment.

Tuesday - Same as Monday except I will give a quick demonstration on editing. Things like adjusting color and size.

  • Tonight is open house I hope to meet your parents!
Wed/Thurs - Melon Head due today AS SOON AS POSSIBLE> get to work on your 3D collage. Image collection first.
Read the Rubric
Friday - Work on collages - assign days for the studio

[[image:file/view/Dmitry_Lovetsky_%3A_AP.png width="597" height="404" caption="NBC - The Week in Pictures " link=""]]

August 17th to 21st

Monday- I want to finish computer orientation. You should know how to -

  1. log in/log out
  2. connect to the server
  3. open Firefox - Find the wiki, find Pageflakes, Myers Delicious bookmarks, and be able to save a file to your hard drive.
  4. open Finder - show toolbar, put in columns mode, create a folder and delete a file
  5. know the screen hot corners (upperleft - show desktop and upperright - show open windows.
  6. key board short cuts - Command N- open new window, Command W- close window, Command Q- quit application, Shift/command Q - log out
  7. other applications - Ical, text edit, Itunes
Hopefully you have already joined Stock Exchange if not, please do.

Learn about the element of art called Space and the techniques artists use to achieve the illusion of three dimensional space.
Use these links 1 & 2 to find the answers to these questions. Type up your answers and save the text file to the server. Your period/Space. Label with your last name. 25 points in TESTS/WRITTEN.

1. Atmospheric Perspective deals with what two art elements.
2. What are three types of perspective used to create the illusion of three dimensional depth on a two dimensional surface?
3. Change in scale, overlapping and position on the picture plane are all types of what?
4. What method is usually used when drawing natural shapes rather then the rectilinear forms of perspective drawing?
5. Go to Google or Stockexchange and look for a photographic examples (one each) for Overlapping, atmospheric perspective, linear perspective, scale and position. Copy and paste the images into your text document and label them.


  • Finish the activity from yesterday.
  • Look at the examples you saved yesterday and go over material
  • Look at examples of shallow depth of field

  • Demonstration on Photoshop- Selections and Masking


We will start taking a look at Photoshop today.

The first thing you need to start understanding is image resolution and what that means.

  • First watch these videos
  • Then I will give a bit of an explanation and demonstration on image resolution
Next we will start looking at some of the tools you will need to use in making your collage-

  1. Selection tools
  2. Move tool
  3. Layers Pallet
  4. Brush tool
  5. Layer Masks
  6. Free Transform
  7. Editing tools
  • Demonstration and practice time to follow
  • Discuss ideas for 3-D Collage
  • [[image:file/view/exampleD.png]]
  • Project Rubric here
  • Image collection for collage

[[image:file/view/example72.jpg width="399" height="503" caption="Myers collage, created from stock photos"]]


Here is a document that you can download and print that covers what we did during the selection tool demonstration yesterday

Or review it here

  • finish demonstration
  • you create your own casaba melon guy - turn in for credit
  • talk about your idea for the collage

Welcome To Class!

New Resource Pageflakes Page
Go here to check the calendar, and find some great online resources
[[image:file/view/flake.png width="398" height="274" link=""]]

August 12th to 14th

Wednesday - Introductions and Syllabus
Check out the lab and studio and online resources, talk about the great year you are about to have and go over the rules. Please return the signed syllabus to me tomorrow (50 points in daily work if turned in by Friday). If you lose it, here is the that you can print.

Thursday - Mac OSX - "Where do I save my stuff and where is my right mouse button?"
We will cover orientation on the computers and introduce you to some of the applications we will be using in this class

Friday - What's Photoshop?
We will look at some of the tools we are about to learn in Photoshop as well as talk about the first assignment.
*Homework - brainstorm ideas for your first assignment - 3d collages look at these student examples
[[image:file/view/castle.jpg caption="Here is one I made as an example"]]