Beginning Digital Photography at Spain Park High School

"There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept."
~ Ansel Adams


Jan 4th to 7th
Tuesday - January 4th
* Please read this that will help you and Mr. Myers get the most out of your 2nd semester.
* Please fill out the for the current studio project so I can see where we are with this, and so that we can finish up as soon as possible. If you still have gotten you idea approved, please email to me with the your name and period in the subject.

* I need to speak to some students about semester grades. I will call you up if I need to see you.
* Introduction of new project. Click out the details of our new Public Service Photoshop project.

* Go ahead and look at examples from previous years by clicking here. Pick one you like the best and place on your toolbar. We will try to have a class discussion about some of your choices.

* Be sure to print two of the project idea sheets. These are due Thursday for the first 10 points of your project.

Thursday - January 5th
* Turn in project idea sheets (2) at the beginning of class.
* Class discussion of Pinhole grid projects and other first semester work.

Dec 13th to 17th

Study for test

1st Semester Exam 2010

msnbc pictures of the week

Dec 6th - 10th
Monday - I will be out this morning so please be studying for your test. I will to be in tomorrow to explain.

Tuesday - I was glad to see you guys working on your studio projects.

Wednesday - As I outlined, I want you all to finish your line compositions (you should have been finished a while ago) and then file your composition in your class folder. As a class, decide which composition is the best of class. Each student should pull up his or her image on his or her screen. Then all students should rotate around to see everyone else's image, and finally vote on the best of class. The student whose image is chosen should save an unflatened version his or her collage on the server labeled with his or her class period. This way, all other classes will be able to see it. It is imperative that each class' selected image be chosen and then saved by the end of the period today!

Thursday - Friday
Each class will now modify one of the "best of class" choices.
1st period should use 7th period's image and visa-versa.
3rd should use 5th period's image and visa-versa.
Each student needs to use the assigned image as a base. To this image, you are required to add at least three "objects" from the "objects" file we created as a class. Try to sneak these objects in within the layers of the abstract that the artist from the other class has created. Stick to the original dimensions, but you can manipulate the images in other ways. Be creative.

Your composition will be graded based on your ability to thoughtfully integrate the objects into the abstract without taking it over. Some things are better left for the imagination to fill in.

This assignment should be finished by the end of class Friday.

Additionally, continue to review for your exams. Semester exam review materials are located below.

Enjoy your weekend.

1st Semester Art 1 Exam 11/12

Studio and Camara terms

msnbc pictures of the week

Nov 28 to Dec 3

Monday, I went over what you should have done last week. Unfortunately many of you ignored your homework.

Now, with me being absent, it is very important that you follow the directions that I leave you on this wiki. Otherwise, you may find yourself so far behind that you will not be able to catch up.

You were supposed to have given me a self-portrait assignment, with as many details related to your idea as possible. For those of you who did not get this done, please think about this and email me your completed ideas, at my school email address - emyers@hoover.k12.al.us.

Each class should begin a sign-up sheet to schedule time in the studio. I student should be able to complete his or her portrait assignment in one class period, 2 students during the longer periods on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I am putting the following students in charge of creating a sign-up sheet for their class - Courtney Holt (1st), Lauren Gray (3rd), Taylor Schmelzle (5th), and Erin Cowart (7th). Thank you for your help.

As far as anything else that you should be doing this week, please check the previous week's work and finish all these "old" assignments asap.


Nov 16th to 19th
Monday, Tuesday-
  • Sign up for you day in the studio - fill out an idea form
  • Turn in the four grids - Lines, textures, shapes and forms (25 pts each)
  • Turn in your 4 favorite examples (4x4 @300)

Wed-Thurs -
  • portraits in the studio

  • You must have 1 4x4@300 (line) example in your class' Line folder. We must have this before we can start the new collage on the 29th.
  • Make sure you that your line example does not include anything representational, and is not a match with any other previously submitted example.
  • You must have 1 4x4@300 (Form) example in your class' new Form folder. We must have this before we can start editing the collage we pick the Dec 1st.
  • Make sure that your form example does include something representational, and is not a match with any other previously submitted example.

*Portrait Idea Sheet -50 pts

Now that we’ve finished one week of portraits, I wanted to thank those of you who volunteered to go early, and those who were easy-going and went along with your classmate’s ideas without much trouble. Those of you who have not yet gone, and those of you who would like to rework your idea can have time over vacation to rewrite and plan out your idea. This is homework!!!

First, today, look at the ideas that have been done the first week. Find the one that you think was the best idea. Write out a thoughtful paragraph explaining what interested you about the concept.

Which idea do you think could be improved? How? Write an additional paragraph to explain your thoughts.

Look over these criteria that you should be thinking about for your idea. Over the holiday, please write out a complete explanation of everything you will need for your photo session, including props, lightening needs, background and lens choice.

Here are some the criteria you should think about to formulate a good

Black velvet
White velvet
Others (you bring in)

Two shirts so that is in the same color
Some thing everyone brings to school (need telephones #)

Camera Lens -
The lens make difference - Close up or full body
shallow depth of field

Camera Setting -
Slow shutter speed
double exposure

Lighting -
think about how you want you light to look

Have a great break!!

Thanks for your attitudes on Wednesday, I loved to Q-tip art piece idea, and I can not wait until hear you ideas!!


November 8th to 12th


Monday -
Use the pinhole images to find lines.
Read the article on lines here

Try to keep your viewers eye from exited to the collage!

Used the LineTemp.psd on the server as template.

Tuesday -

Use the pinhole images to find textures.
Read the article on lines here
Used the LineTemp.psd on the server as template.

Used Contrast in values from light to dark to add pattern to the grid. Read this article on Principles of Design

Use the pinhole to find shapes, 8 Geometric and 8 Organic
Read this page -

November 1st to 5th


Monday -

  • Talk about the Pinhole collage
  • Rubric
  • Video on the server - Good Luck!
Tue to Thus -

  • Work on your collage
  • here in one I work on in the hospital, everything went fine, I will be back tomorrow!
  • Pihole2.jpg
Fri -

  • Portraits in the studio
October 23th to 26th



  • I will at the at the doc, you should be working on your pinhole photo

Tuesday -

The manual is on the server.

  • Watch the movie Annie Lebovitz movie Life Through a Lens

Friday -

  • Finish editing and have both your pinhole folders in the proper folders. Both should be flattened and cropped 5 x 7 at 300 dpi. There are videos to help you with this project on the server.
  • Finish your assignment on the D300 Manual on Quia. We will spend the last 15 minutes of class today going over this.
  • Next week, I will be out Tuesday and Wednesday. I will give you the instructions for your pinhole collage Monday, and you can work on it while I'm gone. Hopefully when I get back we can begin our portrait assignment.

October 18th to 22nd**

msnbc the week in pictures

  • Pinhole camera #3 - double exposure - self portrait
  1. Work with a partner to take a photo of each other at a close range. I will have a tripod and a dark background available for you to use. We will need to work quickly to get everyone's image processed within the class period.
  2. After you get your portrait image, take a picture of a natural setting to super-impose on your portrait. Random leaves, grasses, flowers and such should work well.
  • Myersbushwiki.jpgmyerspinhold96.jpg
  • Try the new techniques from Friday (Check for videos on the server.)
  • Finish your button.
  • Start a postcard.

  • pinhole camera #4 - open assignment - If you don't have a good photo yet, see me. Otherwise, think about your image and try not to waste film!
  • continue with additional assignments as described on Monday

  • Scanning Pinhole images. Take turns after my demonstration, to digitize and invert your images.
  • Demonstration on editing on your Pinhole images (look for a video on this topic on the server)
  • You must turn in one 5 x 7 inch edited black and white finished pinhole photo by the end of this week.
  • You must also turn in one 5 x 7 inch edited and colorized pinhole photo. Use this web site to help with color. Check for this video on the server.

  • Head Phones Friday!
  • Work on your images.

October 11th to 15th Second Quarter!!

msnbc the week in pictures

Monday - and Tuesday

Discussion about the object tesselation
Postcards and buttons while everyone finishes


Pinhole pictures


October 4th to 8th
msnbc the week in pictures

Study for your test by taking the test!

Monday -
  • work on object tessellation
  • study for your test on Wed/Thus

Tuesday -
  • work on object tessellation
  • study for your test on Wed/Thus

Wed/Thursday -
  • take test

Friday -
  • headphones Friday - critique 3d collage?

September 27 to Oct 1

msnbc the week in pictures

Monday -
I will be gone today - you should:
  1. work on your generic tessellation (follow the video on the server)
  2. It should be 8x10@300
  3. Start working on your object tessellation.

*turn in 3d collage, light walk and composition examples.
1st quarter test Oct 6th or 7th- It will cover: Key Board shortcuts,
Photoshop shop Layers pallet and tool

Tuesday -
  1. work on your generic tessellation (follow the video on the server)
  2. It should be 8x10@300
  3. Start working on your object tessellation.

Wed/Thurs -
  1. work on your generic tessellation (follow the video on the server)
  2. It should be 8x10@300
  3. Start working on your object tessellation.
  4. Blog comment #7
  5. 1st Pinhole Photograph Read this first

  1. work on your generic tessellation (follow the video on the server)
  2. It should be 8x10@300
  3. Start working on your object tessellation.

Study for your test by taking the test!

September 20th to 24th

msnbc the week in pictures

1. Finish your work from Friday - Print the Light Walk text edit doc. and turn in to me.
2. Label your composition examples and with your last name and turn them into the corresponding flooder on the server.
3. Turn in your 3d Collage ASAP. We will be judging the assignment soon, and I want you to have a chance to have your image picked for the Spring art show.
4. If you are all done with everything above, find a partner and get the worksheet from me to ask a light walk out side.
5. Lastly... Postcards (6.25 x 4 @ 300), Button designs, or any thing else related to class. Tuesday-1. Ditto from yesterday +Test your keyboard shortcuts 2. Test the pinhole cameras Wed/Thursday-1. Take our first pinhole photo (read this!)2. Test prep Friday-1. Scanning

msnbc the week in pictures
Monday -

  • Many of you are not yet done with your collages so I am granting two more class day to try to get these finished and turned in.
  • If you are finished, Congratulations! I hope it turned out to your liking!
  • Starting Wed/Thurs we will be studying some photography. Here is a list of terms that you are responsible for learning.
Tuesday -

  • Last day to work on 3d collages - when you are finished, save a layered copy on your computer and then flatten the layers (layer drop-down menu and click flatten layers), the turn it in to the server in the folder named 3d collage.
  • study photography terms

  • Leave a blog comment
  • Look over tips on composition
  • lecture about pinhole photography.
  • I have created a pinhole photography page here.
  • do this online activity
Friday -

  • sub today - have a good week end!
  • read Bob Miller's light walk on Quia, activity. Do not answer on Quia, instead, copy the questions down in Textedit and then answer them in complete sentences. Do not copy/paste the answers!! Save your document on your computer.
  • Study each of these composition tips for photography. On it Textedit write the term and your personally explanation the how the tip works. Find two photographic examples and copy/paste into your document.
  1. Leading Lines

  1. Rule of thirds

  1. Fill the Frame

  1. Frames

  1. Simplify

  1. Camera angle

Headphones Friday! my pick the get you started. See you Monday!

September 6th to 10th

Monday - Labor Day!
  1. What you should know by now -
  • Move Tool (v),(Command to toggle to it), Check mark Auto Select autoselect.png

  • Selection tools (L -lassos) (M- Marquee) (W-Wand) - refine edge button, Add to (shift) and Subtract from (Alt) selections2.png

  • Crop (c)
  • Brushes (B) Right bracket - bigger, Left bracket - smaller, Shift/Right bracket make harder, Shift/Left bracket make softer
  • Hand tool - (H) (space bar to toggle to it)
  • Zoom (Command + & -), (command/Space bar - to toggle to it), (Fit on Screen - Command 0)
  • Command N - New Document
  • Command Z - Undo/Redo, Add Alt to undo multiple steps
  • X switch foreground and background colors
  • Fill with foreground - option/delete, Fill with background - command/delete
  • Create a layer and a layer mask
  • How to leave a comment on a blog
  • how to navigate your computer and the server

  • Demonstration on adjust layers, layers effects and layer effects
  • selection tool - Color Range

  • Blog comment
  • Work on Collage

  • Work on Collage

August 30th to September 3rd

msnbc the week in pictures

Monday -
I will not be at school today for A, and C periods.
Please work on learning how to use layer masks and finding images for your collage. (How to Video -layers masks- is in the folder "Xfiles for you" on the server.

Tuesday -
get your images and idea approved then START your collage

Wednesday/Thursday -
Blog comment #3 (go ahead and write a minimum of two complete sentences)
Class critique (discussion) about your idea and any work you had yet to do.
demonstration on using layer effects, and adjustment layers.
Work on your collage

Friday -
Work on your collage

August 23th to 27th

msnbc the week in pictures

  1. Finish any work left from last week: Melon Head, Blog Comment #1,
  2. Turn in your idea (written or drawn or both) along with a list of 10 images you will need for your montage.
  3. Watch video on working with layers and layer masks.
  4. Start collecting high resolution photographs from the internet or from scanning.


  1. Hopefully you will all be done with your ideas by now... Collect images and get my approval of your idea.

  1. Blog Comment #2
  2. Maybe we can all be started on our montage by today

  1. Headphone Friday - Work on Montage


August 16th to 20th

msnbc the week in pictures

Fee Money - Most of you who payed $30 for the course fee would still owe $50 if you want prints of the work that you will create in my class. I will collect the print fee this week


We will begin our introduction into learning Photoshop with an exercise that will teach you several new tools.

Here is a document to help you learn these tools

Find this file on the server and copy it to your documents folder

Open it in Photoshop, I will start the lesson shortly...

File on the server in folder Xfiles for you


  • Finish Melon head exercise and turn in the Melon folder on the server. Flatten and label with your last name.

Wednesday and Thursday -

  • we will leave our 1st blog comment on the blog after we read this page about critiquing.

  • find the screen capture called Melon Head, review and then finish your melon head and turn it in.

  • You will get a on craftsmanship so do a good job!

  • we will discuss ideas for your first big project and then start image collection for it.

  • Here is the rubric

A Good Job!


Have your idea approved and start your image collecting.


August 9th to 13th

msnbc the week in pictures

Wednesday - Introductions and Syllabus Check out the lab and studio and online resources, talk about the great year you are about to have and go over the rules. Please return the signed syllabus to me tomorrow (50 points in daily work, if turned in by Friday -10 for each day you are late. If you lose it, here is and . that you can print.

Thursday - Mac OSX - "Where do I save my stuff and where is my right mouse button?" We will cover orientation on the computers and introduce you to some of the applications we will be using in this class

Friday - What's Photoshop? We will look at some of the tools we are about to learn in Photoshop as well as talk about the first assignment. *Homework - brainstorm ideas for your first assignment - 3d collages look at these student examples


external image spacer.gif "Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change" - Wayne Dyer