In this studio assignment, you should think about creating a situation in which you can photograph each of your classmates using a specific prop or portraying a specific theme. Once you have explained your idea, you will be given a date to work in the studio. It is very important to adhere to this date. Be ready to go with any thing you need to bring in!

While in studio, you should use the camera and other equipment to achieve the best shots possible. You can manipulate the lighting, the background, etc.

After taking your pictures,download them to the server and then to your computer. We will make a contact sheet of the images you took to be turned in for a grade.

Afterward, propose in writing a good method of displaying all of your images. For example, mine where simply placed in rows based on the chronoligical order in which the pictures were taken, but you can get far more creative.
Largest format available - 16 x 20 @300

All images should have had some editing.