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external image spacer.gif "Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change"- Wayne Dyer

Here is an ongoing list of keyboard shortcuts that you are responsible to learn

  1. Apple - access the move tool while in any other tool
  2. Space Bar - access the hand tool while in any other tool
  3. Space Bar (while making a selection with the Marque tool) - reposition the selection while making it
  4. Apple T - Free transform selected pixels
  5. Apple/Shift/S - File Save As
  6. Apple/C - copy selected pixel
  7. Apple J - Copy layer or selection to a new layer
  8. Shift (while in selection tool) Add too a selection
  9. Alt (while in selection tool) Subtract from a selection
  10. Shift - Constrain a move to a straight line or keep a transformation in proportion
  11. Arrow keys - used with move tool to move selected pixels on row at a time
  12. Apple S - Save
  13. Apple Z - Undo last step *add alt to undo multiple steps
  14. Ctrl/Mouse Click- Save image as (on the internets)
  15. Apple D - Deselect
  16. Q - Quick mask
  17. X toggels foreground and background colors
  18. Bracket Keys make your brush size smaller and larger
  19. D reset default of forground and background colors to white and black
  20. Alt to set target point for cloan stamp tool
  21. Alt with delete fill with foreground color
  22. Apple with delete fill with background color
  23. Apple with space bar toggle to zoom
  24. Apple with + zoom in
  25. Apple with minus zoom out
  26. Apple with apostrophe ' show grid
  27. Apple R show rulers
  28. Apple Semi-colon hide/show guides
  29. Apple/Shift I - invert selection
  30. Pen tool - Hold Apple - convert to direct selection tool, Hold Alt - convert anchor