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Semester II

Assignment #1
Outside photography - This semester, you are required to take a set of photographs at least once every three weeks. You should begin working on one of these assignments right away. Everyone should have an operational camera and tripod. If not, I can try to lend you one.

Your first set if images is due January 28th.
The second set for this nine weeks is due February 19th.

You will owe me a minimum of 20 images which cover one concept. Of these 20 images, you must choose three to fully edit at 5 X 7 @300. The contact sheet and the three edited 5x7 photos should be saved in the Advanced Photography Folder in the sub-folder labeled with the due date.
You have a choice of assignments, so you can select something that suits your interests.

choose from the assignments:

  • Panorama - Silmply

  • Panographies are wide-angle pictures composed of several individual photos manually stitched together. When these component photos are assembled, they give the impression one would get standing in one place, looking around and unconsciously putting the pictures together in one’s head.


  • Age - Photograph elderly people, black/white photos that show the characteristic from the wrinkles on hands and faces. Go to a retirement home to find subjects and make a friend. Gallery


  • Self-portrait - think about yourself and what you would show about your self in a photo... How can you add interest beyond just your image... add some mystery, humor, intrigue, history, etc. newme4.jpg

  • Panorama
  • contrasting textures, angles/diagonals, night photography. Minimum of 20 photos on a contact sheet, 3 edited images 5x7 @300 - Total of 250 points

  • Photoshop assignment - Photoshop - http://www.3drender.com/light/PolarPan/index.html

Go to what's on second on 2nd ave N.

Assignment #2
Artist Research report
Find a contemporary photographer whose work you admire.
Part I
Type a two to three page report about your artist.
Include information regarding his or her...
  • Training
  • Influences and inspiration
  • Style
  • Major Works
Be sure to consult a minimum of three sources and to site them on a works cited page.
Part II
Choose 5-8 of the artist's images to create a presentation to share with the class. Be prepared to use these images to tell what you have learned about the artist and how (s)he used the elements and principals of art and design to create compelling images. You will give an oral presentation to the class as you show the images. Your presentation should be natural, and should reflect thorough preparation. It should not be read.
Part III
Bonus - Using what you have learned about this artists style, try to create your own original image in his or her style.
Due Dates
  • Monday, January 31st - Artist sign-up.
  • Tuesday, February 15 - Written Reports and Works Cited are due
Be sure to use standard formatting - size 12 font, and 1 inch margins.
  • You will be assigned a date for your oral report the week of February 21st - 25th.