Complete this activity

We will be starting our digital photography unit soon and one aspect of it is to review the photographs of others. Looking at professional photography is helpful but it is often more helpful to review the work of amateurs.

My second year student keep a daily photography blog, it includes individual portfolios for each student and links to other photography classes around the country. You will be leaving feedback, once a week to an image of your choice on one of these sites.

When you leave a comment you need to follow some guidelines:

1. Follow this guide to critique
2. Leave well thought out statements that relate to the image.
3. Use proper grammar and punctuation.
4. Leave your comments as anonymous but put your initials and SPHS at the end of the comment
5. You will copy all comments to a text edit file that you will continually update throughout the quarter.
6. The comment in text edit should be include the date you left the comment, the blog name and name of the photo you left the comment for.

Here is an example of a good comment left by L Newport

SPHS BLOG - communist castle view -10/2
i love this, garrison. i think that the angle is unique and the comoposition is strong. i disagree with some of the above comments and believe that having one true focus or subject in this photo is unnecessary because i think the shot is about the big picture rather than any one particular part. furthermore, the use of line compensates for the lack of subject because they do such a good job of leading the eye throughout the composition. i also think that black and white was a good choice in this case becasue it goes along with the whole 'looking at the big picture' idea, in that the viewer is allowed to see the shot as a whole without being distracted by the detail or color of any one part. i also admire that rather than producing a generically edited photo, you followed your aesthetic which, in my opinion, is more important. i'm very impressed.

For today's activity I want you to leave a comment on the SPHS blog.

Record your comment to a text edit document and save it to the server in the folder titled COMMENTS. When you are done please work on your tessellation or some other Photoshop related activity.