The week of September 24th to 28th
This week we will finish taking our pinhole photographs. We will learn about our scanner and scan all our pinhole images. We will be taking a look at Photoshop CS3 especially the bride application and the camera RAW editing tools.


  • Take your final pinhole photograph today. We will probably walk to the stadium for this one so we have to move fast!
  • You should have two images so figurative and one non. If you do not have these then use this shot to complete the assignment. If you do then you are welcome to try some experimental shots. Double exposures, or moving objects in the composition or the camera itself could yield interesting results.
  • If after today you do not have at least two fair to good images then you should come to AO period or after school today and take another.


  • demonstration on scanning photos
  • We will have a lot of photos to scan so please pay attention to the demonstration so that when it is your turn you will be ready


  • Finnish scanning pinhole photos
  • Demonstration on Bridge CS3, Camera RAW editing tools and adding a gradient map to an image
  • Work on inverting and editing your pinhole images
  • You will be turning in two images for a grade. One must be black and white and cropped to 5 x 7 @ 300 and one that has been hand colored or colored with a gradient map also cropped to 5 x 7 @ 300


  • Work on your pinhole images

The week of September 17th to 21st
This week we will begin looking at photography and take some pinhole photographs to use in our next collage


  • Sub today..I am at a Photoshop CS3 seminar today! (geek central)
  • Go to Quia and take the First Quarter Pretest
  1. Some of this material has not been covered thoroughly so just do your best... you can use the internet to find some answers.
  2. You can take the pretest as many times as you like until the test (end of the quarter) I will take your best grade on the pretest and average it into the test grade. So keep taking it until you get a 100!

Tuesday (instead you retook the test)

  • With any luck and weather permitting we will take our first pinhole photos today
  • You must have a human subject in your shot
  • Tips to get a better image:
  1. First look at what has been done in earlier years 2005, 2006
  2. Do not hold the camera! any movement of the camera during the exposure will cause motion blur in your image.
  3. Take a few minutes before you expose the image to double check your composition (pinholes are extremely wide angle so keep that in mind)
  4. Have your subject hold very still
  5. be careful not to move the camera as you open the shutter (tape)
  6. Keep the subject close to the camera
  7. Consider the brightness of the scene, if you are in the shade your exposure time will be longer.
  8. I will give you my best estimate on exposure times before you go outside


  • Take our second pinhole photograph
  • The subject is of your choice
  • We will be going out to the park, stadium, parking lot or ball fields for these shots. So scout out a good