Bill Atkinson

Maui at Sunrise

Bill Atkinson was born in 1951. He became a computer technician and photographer, and he worked for Apple from 1978 to 1990 when he, along with two co-owners started up a business called General Magic. While at Apple he invented the HyperCard along with a popular toolbox for Macintosh called QuickDraw. He also created the program MacPoint.
In 1996, he became a full time nature photographer, he was one of the first to convert to digital and came up with some of the techniques used by photographers today. In 2007, he began working as an outside developer with Numenta.

Fog and Trees at Wunderlich
Carpet of Clouds
Autumn in Colorado
Trees and Clouds at Hurricane Ridge

This photograph is called Trees and Clouds at Hurricane Ridge. It was taken by Bill Atkinson. This picture is taken of a green valley full of pine trees. Amongst the pine trees are a few sprinkled dead trees along with some sharp drops and rock faces. There are a few large pine trees in the foreground that occupy much of the composition. There is also a few dead trees in the foreground. These trees attract the viewer's immediate attention and allow the eyes to move along up the image and into the distance. The middleground of the shot consists of rolling hills of green pine trees. The color of the valley fades from a green color to a strong blue tint. The hills funnel into the lower part of the valley. On the right side of the valley there is a nice rock face that adds detail and an interesting change to the repetition of the pine trees in the valley. The hills roll off into the distance leading the eye into the sunset in the background. There are large white clouds in the background reflecting the bright pink, purple, and red colors of the sunset. In the top right section of the shot the clouds surround the peak of a distant mountain. The hills eventually lead into a body of water at the end of the background just under the skyline.
This is a beautiful shot with a nice cooling filter. It creates a quiet peaceful feeling while viewing and allows the viewers eye to travel all around the composition with plenty to look at and analyze. The uderlying color gently fades from a dark green in the foreground to a blue in the middleground into a reddish white that is in the background. This color overlay really creates the cool quiet feeling of the picture which is my favorite part.
I wonder if there is a hidden river or brook that created this beautiful valley. It seems like Bill Atkinson was trying to create a nice detailed landscape shot and he did an excellent job of accomplishing that goal. He did a great job of finding a good foreground(the pine trees) that lead the viewer's eye into the picture. This was a beautiful valley to photograph and the position the shot was taken from was perfect. It is a great photograph.

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