Bob Gruen was born in 1945 and currently resides in New York City, New York. Bob Gruen is one of the most known and respected photographers of rock and roll. Gruen began his career in the late sixtys when he was hired by Atlantic Records to photograph a party for the Bee Gees. From there he went on the road documenting both up and coming musicians to musical giants such as Led Zepplin, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and John Lennon. For the last four decades Gruen has effectively photographed the world of Rock and Roll. In 1971 Gruen became the personal photographer and friend of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. During their friendship Gruen took many of their personal photos as well as photos while they worked. Among some of the more famous photos Gruen took are the photos of Lennon wearing a New York t-shirt, and of Lennon standing in front of the statue of Liberty making a peace sign. In the seventies Gruen became the Chief Photographer for Rock Scene Magazine, and toured extensively with emerging bands such as The Sex Pistols, Clash and, The Ramones. In June, 2004, in London, Bob was presented with MOJO Magazine’s prestigious Honours List Award for Classic Image. FAAP Museu de Arte Brasileira in Sao Paulo, Brazil, held an extensive exhibition of the work of Bob Gruen in 2007. Titled "ROCKERS" the large multi-media installation featured more than 270 photos from Gruen's catalogue, arranged in nine areas with six different background soundtracks. It has been Bob Gruen's profound commitment and personal friendship to the artists he photographs that has helped him to capture the evolving spirit of the Rock and Roll culture.

Photos by Bob Gruen
John Lennon in NY T-Shirt

Led Zeppelin

Formal Critique

Chuck Berry Kissing Guitar

This photograph was taken by Bob Gruen. The Photograph is of Chuck Berry in concert. Chuck Berry has his eyes closed and is leaning into the neck of his guitar. The photograph must have been taken well into the concert because the distinct shine of sweat can clearly be seen on Chuck Berry's forehead. The photograph is in black and white, and Berry is wearing a contrasty shirt with lots of lines that help to move the viewers eye around. The only parts of the guitar visible are the uppermost portion of the guitar face, the neck, and the bottom most tuning fork. The Guitar is coming across the photograph at a diagonal and serves as an excellent leading line into the center of the image where Berry's left hand is fretting, and meets the implied lines of Berry's eyes, and aimed kiss. The photograph has excellent focus on Chuck Berry. and is cropped well also. There is no dead or unwanted space and no distractors from the main subject. Overall this photo does an excellent job at capturing Chuck Berry's attitude towards playing and performing.

Not too bad of a critique

Emulation of some of his work