3D Digital Photo Montage

Creating this photo montage will help you master using layer masks, selection tools and various keyboard shortcuts.

You will be creating a unique photo montage that will be made by combining various objects taken from source images you find on the internet.

Here are examples of this type of photo montage

Steps to take

  1. collect images from the internet that will be used in your collage. The images should be high quality and high resolution. You will need a minimum of 10 images that have been saved to a folder on your computer. Title the folder Photo montage
  2. Have an interesting idea - you should have a plan for your collage before you get started. Your goal is to create a fictitious scene that gives the illusion of 3d reality. After you have collected at least 10 images have them and your idea checked by me before starting your photo montage.
  3. Start a new file in Photoshop. The image should be 8" x 10" @ 300dpi.
  4. Add images to your photo montage in separate layers. Use layer masks to hide all but the objects needed for your collage. Your objects should show excellent craftsmanship in your masks. You will need a minimum of five objects plus a background.
  5. Arrange the objects using various art techniques to create the illusion of 3-D space. Review the techniques here
  6. Use adjustment layers to make sure your image looks unified
  7. Use free transform to scale object as necessary.
  8. Use blur and sharpen filters to add atmospheric perspective.
  9. Save your PSD file with layers to your computer
  10. Save flattened file to the server for me to grade and print

Grading Rubric

This project is worth 300 point in the Art Work category (40% of overall grade)
  1. 25 points - file is the proper size (8x10@300)
  2. 25 points - file was flattened and saved as a .jpg image to the proper folder titled with your last name (on time)
  3. 25 points - You had a minimum of 10 source images (good quality) saved on your computer
  4. 25 points - You had your idea approved by Mr. Myers
  5. 25 points - Your digital montage has a minimum of five objects and a background
  6. 25 points - You used approved techniques (layer masks) to isolate your objects
  7. 50 points - Your montage shows a high quality of craftsmanship. (you did a good job on your masks and you used quality images)
  8. 50 points - Your montage shows an understanding of how to create the illusion of three-dimensional space (overlapping, perspective, scale, etc)
  9. 50 points - Your montage has an overall unified look and your idea for your collage is strong. (subjective grade)