Public Service Poster

Now that you have a handle on the pen tool you are to use it to create a GRAPHIC art poster.
Use the pen tool and paths/custom shapes to create a meaningful poster for the public service of your choice
Here is a list to give you some ideas.

Please choose a cause that you believe in. Your poster should educate your audience and perhaps persuade them to some new action. This can be done with a good combination of imagery and text.

Think of at least two causes to champion, download and complete this worksheet. (2x) for each causes. These two sheets are due, thoroughly and thoughtfully completed, at the beginning of class on Thursday, Jan 6th. You may not start on your poster until your completed worksheet has been approved by me.

Use these links to help research your chosen public service

  • Your poster should be turned in by Thursday, January 27th.
  • Posters should be saved using your last name to your class' folder titled PS project,
  • Save all layers on your own computer, but save as a flattened .JPEG on the server to help save space.
  • You must use a least on Vector Graphics Image in your poster.

Other Grading Criteria:
  • Appropriateness of image and text to match message.
  • Composition -use of art elements and design concepts are used to create a dynamic image.
  • Technical Workmanship - Project displays good knowledge of a variety of tools in Photoshop, and a pride in workmanship.
  • Originality - use an original idea to push your skills to a higher level.