Digital Photography I Blog Banner Contest (assignment)

Next year I plan to start a new blog for Photo I student art. This will be optional for students but hopefully I will get some good submissions.
One way to make the blog a success and build interest is to give the blog a great look.

Recently my advanced students competed to see who could create the best banner for the advanced student blog.
Patrick's banner won and has replaced the one created by Eric Jones last year.

If your banner wins it will be on the blog for the entire 09/10 school year.

I would also like suggestions for the blog title. The advanced blog is called "The Daily Dose of Digital Photography from SPHS"
Your new blog banner can include a new title or be generic.

Your banner can be whatever you can create, the size is 660px x 271px @72ppi

Your finished banner is worth 100 points in Art Work
The winning artist will also receive 20 bonus points in participation.