Photoshop Assignment - Digital Portfolio CD cover artwork -

As a digital photography student you have created a wide variety of digital art.

Part of your final grade is base on your digital portfolio.

You will need to burn all your finished assignments from the year along with any other work you want to keep, to a cd and turn this in for final evaluation.

As part of this requirement you will need to create the cover art for your CD

This art can be anything you want but it should show some effort and sophistication of Photoshop. I would suggest you put the title:
Name + Digital Photography 08-09 Portfolio. You do not have to do this if you do not wish to.

There is a file on the server that you can use as a template. Don't forget to let the image bleed to the edge, I will trim 1/8" all the way around. The right side is the front.

I will print your finished image to be put with your burned disc.

Your burned disc with 100% complete image files is worth 200pts participation.
The cover art is worth 100pts in art work.